Welcome to Banking Beyond Branches

The focus of this website, “Banking Beyond Branches,” is driven by the notion that financial services in the form of brick-and-mortar infrastructure is simply not enough. With geographical, regulatory, political, and socio-economic barriers, financial services currently do not reach everyone in emerging markets. At the same time, there is no single answer for the issue of access to finance. As SBI works with financial service providers who are striving to take banking beyond conventional branches, we hope to capture key insights and practices for a wider audience to spark discussion and feedback – and in doing so, mutually strengthen the understanding of what it takes to create financial inclusion for all.

Through this portal, we look forward to learning as well as sharing our work, insights, and analysis – both from the latest happenings in the markets we operate in and from the perspective of the international experts that make up SBI’s team. We welcome your feedback, questions, and discussion along the way.

SBI is in the business of innovation. Whether the objective is to ensure rural access to finance in a country with no existing banking system, to mobilize savings in institutions that historically focus only on lending, or to help leading financial service providers reach previously underserved populations, SBI develops solutions that apply flexible, creative, and responsive approaches to local market realities. You can read more about SBI from our website. You can also follow SBI on Twitter.


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