Diversified business models for mobile financial services [Video]

Ryan Falvey, from SBI’s Strategy and Design Group, spoke to USAID and TechChange regarding the role of banks and other diversified financial service providers in expanding access to mobile financial services. This talk was part of USAID’s recently introduced eight-week online certificate course on Mobile Money, in partnership with the Mobile Solutions team at USAID and The QED Group.

Through this course, staff from USAID and implementing partners in 10 countries are able to connect with leading experts in the mobile money space and share best practices. Participants in the course have explored issues of regulation and interoperability, as well as strategies for working effectively with MNOs, banks and governments. In addition to Ryan, participants in the course heard from guest experts such as David Porteous of Bankable Frontiers, Kabir Kumar of CGAP, Nadeem Hussain of Tameer Bank, Tomasz Smilowicz of Citigroup, Jordan Weinstock of Open Revolution, Chrissy Martin of MEDA, and others. SBI’s ADC team was thrilled to have the opportunity to draw on our global experience and discuss our perspective on the role of diversified business models, including banks and third party technology providers, in expanding access to mobile financial services.

You can watch Ryan’s talk here:


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