Pre-Mobile Money Africa 2013 conference workshop on agent networks

SBI will be facilitating a hands-on workshop on “Agent health: obtaining and using field data to maximise your agent network potential” at the Mobile Money Africa 2013 conference in Johannesburg, South Africa on Monday, May 27, 2013.  The following is a description of the workshop:

Motivated and effective agents are a key element of a successful mobile money service. If agent performance isn’t consistent over time or between locations, it can be very difficult to understand why – and even more difficult to rectify and ensure the situation doesn’t repeat itself in the future. With a large, geographically spread agent network that may be in very rural locations or managed by a third party, it can be a challenge to really understand what’s going on in the field and how that may be affecting agent transaction volumes.

SBI’s hands-on experience of working with our clients to implement agent networks has guided the development of a number of practical “agent health” approaches, aimed at keeping organizations in touch with what we call the key “agent CCM factors”: circumstance, capacity and motivation. Attendees of the workshop will be able to learn about practical real-world examples of the ways in which our clients monitor and improve their agent CCM; try a few things out for themselves; and share thoughts and ideas with our team on how to adapt these tools for their own environment.

To register for the conference, please click here.


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