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The benefits of digital financial services, and mobile money as a channel within that, are well known and far reaching. Access to mobile money increases the reach of financial services to the un(der)served populations and can spur financial inclusion and wider economic development. However, is mobile money a profitable business for companies? The short answer, according to the new GSMA publication: it can be. In the below publication, Mobile Money Profitability: A digital ecosystems to drive healthy margins, GSMA explores the profitability of mobile money by estimating profit margins in different scenarios, highlighting the internal challenges mobile operators may encounter along the way.

If mobile money can be seen as a profitable and sustainable business channel, then we can expect the industry to continue to grow and evolve. Such growth, coupled with undoubted product innovation and new business offerings by existing and future stakeholders, will further benefit their customers and continue to spur economic development.

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Other Industry News:

Financial Inclusion

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Global: Paying taxes through mobile money: Initial insights into P2G and B2G payments


Pakistan: Easypaisa’s life insurance scheme hits 250,000 subscribers in Pakistan


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