This is a site dedicated to moving financial services beyond traditional branches. Here, a global team of practitioners and innovators — some associated with Enclude and many from the broader industry — discuss, debate, and predict the future of financial services and information as we seek to develop the practical tools necessary to realize our shared vision.

Access to finance, information, and services is a critical first step toward expanding prosperity, especially among low- and moderate-income households and small businesses. At Enclude, we help banks, mobile network operators and payment service providers identify and profit from new opportunities in branchless banking and other digital channels.  We identify  appropriate technologies that increase their revenues, expand their footprint and extend their product offerings to reach un(der)served and unbanked populations.

Offering financial services through mobile and branchless banking channels allows financial institutions to reach the un(der)banked. Addressing the “last mile” enables rural and/or low income customers to access a full basket of savings and credit products in a convenient, secure and affordable manner.

Enclude’s committed professionals work in five registered offices (Netherlands, United States, United Kingdom, Pakistan, India) and in project locations across the world, including Sub-Saharan Africa, Asia, Latin America and the Caribbean, Europe and Central Asia.

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